Human Resources

OCIC Consulting Intl Inc. provides Human Resource services such as headhunting services, labor law advisory and employment solutions.

The growth of a company depends on the talents; OCIC Consulting Int’l Inc. provides
professional and timely recruitment assistance to customers through the major recruitment
platforms and application of recruitment strategy to desired candidates talent. We are engaged
in the recruitment of excellent bilingual or multicultural background talents within the Philippines.
It is our commitment to give importance to the quality of each and every recruit.

With the help of our HR Team, basic or complex requirements are not the problem, the trouble
and pain of recruitment will disappear! You can also focus on your core business. Motivate your
business to thrive.

Many companies believe that recruiting employees is a simple task, but it is not. It takes a lot of
time and effort to recruit a good employee. Hiring internal payroll team increases operating
costs, utilizing limited resources and valuable time.

Our legal advisory include best practices and compliance thru the state-of the-art platforms and
keeping abreast of the latest regulations and practices. Our experienced HR team will handle
your basic to complex requirements to ease recruitment difficulties and thrive on your business

OCIC Consulting Int’l Inc. relies on professional industry background, experienced HR team,
advanced management concept and rich talent database. It provides one-to-one service
management according to the actual needs of customers, and solves the customer demand in
one-stop shop. The industry provides professional, comprehensive and systematic customized
human resources integrated solutions.