Accounting & Taxation

OCIC provides outsourcing services for taxation, accounting and government statutory contributions

OCIC provides outsourcing services for taxation, accounting and government statutory contributions. Our team has extensive experience in bookkeeping and handling tax compliance in different industries.

We are equipped with sophisticated accounting software and customize procedure that surpass our clients’ needs and expectations. OCIC ensures team and process development through consistent training and updates on the latest governmental issuance and tax procedures.

Accounting Services:

  1. Recording of monthly transactions
  2. Preparation of monthly trial balance, balance sheet, income statement, cash flows and account schedules/reconciliations
  3. Preparation of monthly bank reconciliation
  4. Updating trial balances with year-end audit adjustments
  5. Preparation of draft statutory financial statements for your external auditor’s review 


Tax Compliance Services

  1. Preparation of Annual Registration Fee
  2. Monthly withholding taxes and annual information returns (compensation, final and expanded)
  3. Monthly and quarterly value added tax
  4. Quarterly Corporate Income Tax
  5. Documentary Stamp Tax
  6. Quarterly Alphalist of Payees
  7. Summary List of Sales and Purchases
  8. Assistance in enrollment to EFPS
  9. Preparation and Submission of Employee’s BIR Form 2316
  10. Preparation and Submission of Year End Inventory List
  11. Preparation and Submission of Lessee Information Sheet
  12. Registration and renewal of manual books of accounts, loose leaf records or computerized accounting system

Government Mandatory Contributions

  1. Assist on the employer registration with different government agencies (SSS, Philhealth and HDMF)
  2. Preparation and payment of Monthly employer contribution (SSS, Philhealth and HDMF)